Spina bifida newborn photography

Celebrate the beauty of spina bifida newborns with heartwarming photography. Explore inspiring ideas to capture precious memories and create lasting keepsakes for your little one.
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Delivery Day

I got the most wonderful package in the mail yesterday. Our birthing photos have arrived! I'm super excited to share these with everyone! I didn't want a lot of people in the delivery room with me, so I'm thankful my husband convinced me to go forward with hiring a photographer. We went rounds and rounds about whether to hire one. It's hard to justify paying another person when you know in the back of your head you could just shoot everything yourself, not to mention we just didn't have the…

Heather Gwinn
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Katelyn's Newborn Session by Photographer Debby Ditta of Tomball, Texas

My clients are returning for a newborn session with their third little girl. Katelyn was welcomed with loving arms by her family. It seems like I was just photographing big sister Maggie for her newborn session, and I may add... they look so much alike, it was like photographing the same baby all over again. I have three babies of my own... now they are 16, 13, and 7 years old. I remember each time a new baby was born, it was like my heart grew bigger with love for each new baby. It was like…

Marine Poncet