Starbucks bottle crafts

Discover unique and fun crafts you can make using Starbucks bottles. Get inspired to upcycle and transform these bottles into beautiful and useful items for your home.
Puffy paint bottles then spray paint. Good idea for place setting marker that guests can take home. Mason Jars, Upcycling, Wine Bottle Crafts, Bottles And Jars, Painted Jars, Paint Bottles, Glass Bottle Crafts, Bottle Crafts, Bottles Decoration

Let's see a raise of hands, who in here has a love of Starbucks? I thought so, I love it too. For me, it's only a treat for special occasions because my husband doesn't like it, it's costly, and it's usually out of the way to get to one. However, I get the Starbucks bottles at Walmart about

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