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The magical and disturbing dream-like nude oil paintings of Erik Thor Sandberg | Dangerous Minds Thor, Portrait, Science Fiction, Eric, Erik, Dangerous Minds, Louis Daguerre, Disturbing, American

A curious oil painting by artist Erik Thor Sandberg. In the “personal interests” section on his Facebook page, Quantico, Virginia-based artist Erik Thor Sandberg includes the following “things”: dead things; naked things; vintage things; antique things; disturbingly cute things, and acutely disturbing things. All of which rather accurately describe Sandberg’s art, which borders on the genre of Magic Realism. The term was first used by art historian and photographer Franz Roh to identify…

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A one of a kind view of the world expressed in drawings. You know that maxim, "A picture is worth a thousand words"? That is how I would summarise Miles Johnston's work. Beautiful concepts hidden in illustrations waiting to be discovered. When found by different people, as if by magic, they unearth different meanings. Having given these surreal pieces titles, made the images even more fascinating and helped me crystallise these drawings into meaningful pieces of art. For more of Johnston's…

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Imagine a world where your dreams and the way they distort reality can be reproduced on canvas, paper or some other material on which artists paint. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Well, if you are the type to let your imagination take over and rule over your interest in the world of art, then you will like it surrealism and the paintings that are inspired by it. The thing about surrealism is that it strives to represent the images of the unconscious mind making it very bizarre albeit…

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