Experience the vibrant energy and rich culture of Taipei. Discover top attractions, delicious cuisine, and exciting activities in this bustling city.
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We were in Phuket, a tropical Thai island, when we started to get excited about Taipei. Working online allows us to stay places foras long as we want, or for as long as the country will allow us to stay. And our time in Thailand was almost up since visitors are only allowed a one-month stay without a visa. The dilemma

Melanie Cervantes
A guide to visiting Taipei for the first time including day trips China, Asia Travel, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan Travel, New Taipei City, Taipei Travel, Explore China, Visit China

When visiting Taipei for the first time, you will see a blend of cultures from various parts of Asia. It is a hub for all things culture, street eats and history. It can be overwhelming to plan a trip to a capitol city, especially one like Taipei that allows so many amazing day trips in Taiwan.

Cathy Villanueva

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