Tandoori masala

Add a burst of flavor to your dishes with Tandoori Masala. Explore our collection of mouth-watering recipes and elevate your cooking game with this aromatic spice blend.
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In my book, anything served on a stick is a winner. It seals the deal if what’s on the stick is smothered in a charred tandoori paste, restaurant style. Here’s my take on a British-‘Indian’ dish. It’s loaded with homemade tandoori spices, garlic, lemon, ground almonds and coconut cream. The best thing about it is that it’s 100% vegan. That’s got to get me extra brownie points, right?

Skylar Hammond
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"Nataka Banana Bread. Nimakie!" "Haujamake egg curry in a long time, siumake?" "Nikikuletea viatu zako basi this weekend umake meatballs.." Life with My sister nagged me into making these, and to be honest, my garlic tandoori masala meatballs are the best thing she ever forced me to make! lol

Kara High