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Strategy game unit design. There are also versions where the treads are animated, but they were too large to attach. You can see them here and here. Update: You can now download the pre-textured model here: http://www.…


The Snow Crusher is the promotional unit during the 17th Boss Strike event, Boss Enforcer Shrow's Raid. During this event, it is trainable at the Vehicle Factory for 70. The Snow Crusher has 3 attacks, and each one is unique. Its first attack, V Shot, is much like the Zombie Slayer's Fire Arrow attack or the Battleship Mammoth-class' Bombard attack, and hits 3 squares in a V-shape. Its second attack, Triple Shot, hits 2 squares and deals decent explosive type damage. However, the damage is…

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By Bill Koppos - Large numbers of cheap armored vehicles worked fine against lightly armed opponents in the 1930's, in this case against China. These little things were also to pull supply trailers with them, to help with the Long Chinese distances. Later, up against Stuarts and 75mm Halftracks, not so good. Couldn't have been too great in the…...

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