Discover the hidden gems and breathtaking landscapes of Tongyeong. Plan your perfect getaway and experience the rich culture, delicious cuisine, and stunning views this coastal city has to offer.
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On one of my long weekend breaks, I decided to try my hand at solo traveling over to Tongyeong, Korea, a port city along the southeastern coast. This quick guide is to help anyone else who's thinking of visiting the "Napoli of Korea." Looking back, Tongyeong was probably my least successful weekend trip in Korea!...

Brittany Botts
[Filming Location, Tongyeong ] You who came from the Stars @ Jangsado Sea Park - Follow My Footsteps x Flyhoneystars Tongyeong, Park, Filming Locations, Bus Ride, Bus Terminal, Breathtaking Views, Beautiful Islands, Breathtaking, Village Photos

6,216 ViewsI have just finished watching episode 19 o f You who came from the Stars and I am glad that I’ve managed to find the filming location for the mysterious island which Do Min Joon had teleported Cheon Song Yi to. It was a place filled with trees with red Camellia flowers and there

Kei Legaspi

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