Vegan fish

Discover a variety of mouthwatering vegan fish recipes that will make you forget about the real thing. Try these plant-based alternatives and enjoy a guilt-free and sustainable meal.

This Vegan Salmon recipe is a delicious, pan-seared fish-inspired fillet that has the most amazing crispy skin and tender, flaky inside. The flavour is mild but full-bodied umami with hints of butter, nuts, and the ocean. It pairs beautifully with a squeeze of lemon and melts in your mouth with every bite. Recipe adapted from Bosh vegan salmon video.

Rose Orcutt
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I remember when I first made my transition into a vegan diet I was super bummed about not being able to eat seafood anymore. Like, it actually made me sad...and in my sadness was determination to find a way to make a substitute. That's when I came up with this recipe. I figured the texture would be sufficient and if I used all the classic seafood seasonings my wish would come true. And over a decade later I'm still making it and it still blows everyones mind when they try it. Here are the…

Monique Favreau