Witchy nails

Get inspired by these enchanting witchy nails ideas to create a mesmerizing and mystical look. Transform your manicure into a bewitching masterpiece with these top nail designs.
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Welcome to LD Nails! Hi, I’m Bur and I’ll be your long distance nail ghoul 😜 Read on for the obligatory written description of what you see in the pictures, plus some other important stuff.. 🖤 One set of 10 REUSABLE Press On Nails 🖤 🖤 Made to order in your shape & size 🖤 Silver and teal version of my original Celestial Tarot witchy press on nails. * HIGHLY recommend this set with a matte topcoat! it just doesn’t have the same POP with a glossy topcoat! 👉 Please leave your finish…

Elizabeth Stevenson