Wrapping newborns for photos

Capture the innocence and beauty of newborns with creative wrapping techniques for stunning photoshoots. Discover tips and ideas to create timeless memories with your little bundle of joy.
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7 Quick and Easy Wraps - StandInBaby®

7 Quick and Easy Wraps ~ You will need a stretchy wrap approximately 18″ x 60″ ~ The cross over The wrap around The wrap around version 2 The twist The criss-cross The Fan The Fan version 2 Optimise your studio workflow BUY NOW BUY NOW BUY NOW Create your own Newborn Wrapping techniques with StandInBaby™…

Ashlee Kilcullen
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Wrapping Newborns | The Peeking Toe Wrap - The Milky Way

Take a peek behind the scenes with me wrapping newborns for a special "peeking toe" effect that looks so sweet. This newborn wrapping technique is simple to do and you can have several variations with just one foot peeking out, ankles crossed, and many more.

Jana Pasley