#tattoofriday - Okan Uckun, tatuagens minimalistas e com formas geométricas. Blackwork/linework;

Inspirado pela natureza e formas geométricas, Okan Uckun cria tatuagens minimalistas extremamente meticulosas

60 Awesome Arm Tattoo Designs | Cuded

60 Awesome Arm Tattoo Designs

Just one orchid with some type of design behind it like this one for my mom

Top 10 Orchid Tattoo Designs

Geometric shapes have always been used as the elements in artistic creations – paintings and illustrations, which are considered to be a form of abstract art which sometimes rendered in illusionistic style. Today, geometric abstraction is being continued by tattooists in all manner of ways. Geometric tattoos bring a fresh new approach in the design of the body art.

40 Intricate Geometric Tattoo Ideas

The Modern Geometric Tattoo Designs which are becoming main stream tattoos. With new creative ideas from us you will find best geometric tattoo for you.

Brücius floral magnolia tattoo down side of arm

Brücius floral magnolia tattoo -Magnolia flower, that depicts benevolence, high-souled love of nature, as well as magnificence.

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