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Eliz Sarobhasa
Eliz Sarobhasa
Eliz Sarobhasa

Eliz Sarobhasa

UX Designer. Design Researcher. Film Photographer. Linguistics, Literature, IxDesign. Dork.

Pink-Permeated Photoshoots - The 'Nhykor in Bloom' Editorial Plays with Color Beautifully (GALLERY)

JAM置き広場4 - レトロ印刷JAM - Picasa ウェブ アルバム

Name: "Will Be" Mask • Designer: Noémie Doge • Description: "'In Search of Lost Time' is a collection of necklaces and masks created in 2012. The pieces 'Legacy', 'Grasp', 'Will Be', 'Union' and 'Rebirth' create a vignette of fleeting memory. They can be thought of as relics of remembrance of thing past." — "Projects 2007 — 2012", Noémie Doge (Retrieved: 29 May, 2015)

Need the E. Of course.

Italia travel advertisement in Travel


July print Colourway 2 © Shelley Steer

Brigette Muller on FP ME

Pomelo chili palomas deliver a satisfying (and fizzy) kick.