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Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning markets infrastructure as an important item with data visualizaitons. We need this type of treatment on a national scale.

A beautiful blanket of clouds rolls over a velvet green ocean. Could this photo be real? In fact, it is, and it was taken by photographer Jem Cresswell, who swam out to sea to capture this spectacular shot. "Every summer there are some amazing storm fronts that sweep across Sydney, and this was by far the best this year," Jem tells us. "A close friend who lives further down the coast called, telling me a strong front was moving up towards Sydney. I had just got home from a studio shoot and ...

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The Queensland Pitch Drop Experiment (c. 1927) to demonstrate that solid materials can flow like liquids. The ninth drop has finally collided with the eight drop after 13 years.

This is more equipment for shaving than I've used across all shaving activities in my entire facial-hair growing life. If I only had this as a kid, maybe my face would be in better shape. I especially love the inclusion of the classic "straight razor" with the other razor options.

I know what I'm putting in the basement after I finish clearing it of stuff.

Contest Entries : Head into the Clouds Project Contest Minecraft Architects compete. These worlds are amazing and mind-boggling!

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