Turi kitą pavardę, esi veikli, bet jauti, kad šeima irgi reikalauja dėmesio. Nori idėjų, patarimų - junkis prie -ienių!
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DIY Decorating Ideas: These may look like old "books", but they actually conceal a secret storage box. Hidden Storage Books Tutorial (I could do it without destroying old books though.


Food Flag, Amazing photographer- what an awesome and savory idea, I am currently studying flags and geography so this is very fascinating for me.

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pearl sunglass strap ~ we love our pearls that may be passed through generations or given as a wedding present from our groom. So a pearl sunglass strap just sounds perfect! This is so love it again


DIY Holiday Gift Plant Projects • Great Ideas and Tutorials for Plant Gifts for the holidays! Including this cute paperwhite project from 'domaphile'.

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Make a Beautiful Pussy Willow Wreath - I LOVE pussy willows! Want to grow one - not sure how they do in GA. Would have to use fake ones to make it last.


Sleeping cygnet covered with feathers of his mother. Photograph Innocence & Cygnon tuberculé by Olivier Mattelart on