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write, write, write!

High 5 Achievers offers a poetry lesson plan aligned to the Common Core State Standards that requires students to create a poem, individually or in groups, using any section from Night as inspiration. A sample poem is provided. This work is licensed under

golden pen for golden thoughts

"The Lost Art of Letter Writing" (Charlotte Higgins, The Guardian) "As books on handwriting, letter writing, and paper are published, are we ready to fall back in love with slow communication?

Writing is easier when you have the right pen...

Back 25 years ago before computers were at the capabilities as they are today, handwritten assignments were submitted instead of 1500 word, times new roman, font papers. Oh times have changed. (See computer and printer picture).

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First starting writing because blank paper cried out to me to fill it up!    Google Image Result for

If you're trying to find a good gift for a friend, something i'd do is simply write them a small something. I always do 101 reasons I love you or somehing cute and sentimental that they'll keep.