6,000 FREE printable mazes

Printable Mazes for Kids- This is pretty sweet! This would be fun to put in sheet protectors and use dry erase markers.

When NOT to visit Disney. Wow good to know!!

Planning a Disney Vacation? Give me a call!

Clear 2 liter bottle + water + glow sticks + ball = night time bowling!

GLOW IN THE DARK BOWLING. This is super easy and a lot of fun. Simply fill ten 2 liter bottles up with water. Put the glow sticks inside the bottles of water. Glow-in-the-dark pins. Or a fun sleep over idea!

Lego Math...awesome idea!

Lego Math Worksheets

Lego math worksheets - great idea to do with real legos, too! or take pictures and turn into a book in technology class:)

Alphabet coloring pages

Free Printables of Initials - Each initial is filled with images starting with that letter. Great coloring pages for kids as they learn their letters and the sounds they make.

dinosaur matching printable

Teaching shapes through dinosaurs! Makes it more interesting! just print, a little cutting, and laminate and child matches the shape to the correct dinosaur!

Jax would LOVE these

Awesome handwriting lessons sheets Free plus other homeschool resources for my friends out there looking for ideas!