DIY: Pallet Swing Bed for Your Back Yard This would be a wonderful outdoor bed !

Let it go quote

"She took a deep breath and let it go." Letting go of stuff is one of the hardest things to do, yet it must happen

For a skinny wall, or end of a hallway.  Depending on the artwork chosen, could enhance any gua and enliven chi!

Super creative way to dress up the end of a hallway or random skinny wall in a home! Love it for the wall between the powder room and the office in our new house!

Lovely affirmation wall for a babe. Such a sweet wall deco

Such a sweet wall decal - "Read me a story, tuck me in tight, say a sweet prayer and kiss me goodnight."- For a babys room one day!

Great pop of color!  Whatever color you like for the bagua, element, inspiration.  Make it yours and personal.

Home Tour: Greetings From Vienna

neon accent wall Love the monogram and the pop of color. Dh would not go for neon, but would still look great in another color!

Smart way to create a "Ming Tan" (bright hall) when there's no defined entry area. Gorgeous idea for an entryway...instant room divider with lovely table in front.

French Door Room Divider Tutorial - here it creates an instant foyer in a home where the front door opens into the living room.

Great headboard - strong and supportive while being beautiful, elegant and soft!

Poppy and Grey are a lush colour combination. Add pizzazz to any bedroom with a new headboard in a neutral and play with colours for the linen and side table. Side table use flowers or placemats that match! A new bedroom space with a touch of rom

Why I Took My Kids’ Toys Away | What to Do with Too Many Toys

Why I Took My Kids' Toys Away

Why I took all my kids toys away {& why they wont get them back}--a must read for any parent who has struggled with the problem too much stuff! This is an awesome idea.rotating toys instead of all of them out at one time :)

Feng Shui in the Bedroom: Practical Tips for Better Chi | Greatist

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Feng Shui

My Website: feng-shui-institu. Feng Shui in the Bedroom: Practical Tips for Better Chi

A properly placed mirror can be a fabulous Ch'i enhancer.

Bamboo chest in front hall of Lee Ann Thornton's House Beautiful Cover House (March 2013 issue)

Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup (updated)

Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup (updated)

3 ways to make ahead and freeze homemade pizza

3 Ways to Make Ahead and Freeze Homemade Pizza

This home office is dominate in the metal element which is perfect for mental clarity.

We are in love with this home office with a gold room divider screen! gold room divider screen, Dallas Shaw on Poppin

Feng Shui 5 Element Color Chart

Beginner guide to all that Feng Shui stuff that is kinda confusing. This will help simplify Feng Shui and allow you to add a few elements here and there to your home. Here are a few Basic Feng Shui Tips. - Home Decoratings