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a diagram showing the process of processing images
What Were Your Aha! Slides in Compressive Sensing ?
Cameras are already compressive
an image of a bird flying with the caption'clip reconstructed from brain activity '
Dreaming reconstructions
MRI scans thought reconstructions
an image of some buildings and trees
CVPR'11 papers. A Partial list of interest
Reconstructing an image from its local descriptors
two different types of images with the same caption in each one's own language
Through the Non Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There
Coded aperture
an image of random images with text
Random Imagers Presentation
Random Imagers Presentation
four different images with the same caption in black and white, each showing an individual's face
CS: Wavefront Coding for Random Lens Imagers ?
Random Lens Imager
an image of the parts of a device labeled in red and green text on a white background
Compressed Sensing: Hardware Implementation, Part III, The explosive birth of coded aperture.
CASSI Hyperspectral system
an advertisement for some sort of device that is on the table with it's price tag
Compressed Sensing: Hardware Implementation, Part III, The explosive birth of coded aperture.
The explosive birth of coded aperture.
Raskar, Non Photorealistic Camera, Depth Discontinuity Highlighting using a Multi-Flash Technique, 2002
Non-photorealistic Camera: Depth Edge Detection and Stylized Rendering using Multi-Flash Imaging
an image with the words mask on it and arrows pointing in different directions to show what is
Coded Aperture and Optical Heterodyning: A mask-based approach for Digital Refocusing and Light Field Acquisition by Conventional Cameras (SIGGRAPH 2007)
Dappled Photography: Mask Enhanced Cameras for Heterodyned Light Fields and Coded Aperture Refocusing
an image of a camera with the lens removed from it's body and labeled parts
Coded Aperture Refocusing
a camera and some electronics sitting on a table with the words, shutterr camera rastar
Coded Exposure Photography (Flutter Shutter Deblur, SIGGRAPH 2006)
Coded Exposure Photography: Motion Deblurring using Fluttered Shutter
an image of a camera that is next to another one with a flower on it
Happy Fourth of July!
Lytro Camera
a close up of a mirror on the side of a car with people in the background
Lytro Camera