Imaging With Nature

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an image of the earth and moon in space with different images, including one showing it as
Strike Number 5 in the "Technologies That Do Not Exist" Section
computations performed using the Moon as an incoherent detector
Using clouds for structured lighting Clouds, Earth, Lights, Wind Direction, Lighting, Motion
CS: Imaging heavens and earth
Using clouds for structured lighting
an old book with some drawings on the page and words written in black ink above it
These Technologies Do Not Exist: Planet Sized Sensors
Planet sized reflectors (here the Moon)
three different views of an object in the sky, and one showing it's light source
CS / Imaging With Nature: A Galaxy Wide Single Pixel Camera
using galaxies as lenses
a diagram showing the effects of nuclear radiation
CS / Imaging With Nature: Turbulence Aided Lucky Imaging
Lucky Imaging
an abstract drawing in black and white with lines coming out of the bottom half of it
CS / Imaging With Nature: Is Turbulence Ripe for Compressive Imaging ?
Turbulence aided imaging
the image shows three different views of an individual's head and body, with one showing
Imaging With Nature: Some thoughts on deblurring.
deblurring (turbulence or gravity)
an image of a heat map that shows the temperature in different parts of the world
CS: Is HIFT an instance of Imaging With Nature ? The data is available.
using seas as recording channels
a person standing in the middle of a large body of water with clouds above them
Imaging With Nature: Wet Salt Lakes.
Using a lake as a mirror
an image of the moon and earth with information about it
Imaging with Nature (part 2)
Using the moon as a reflector
the sun is shining through some clouds in the sky
Imaging with Nature
Using Clouds for Images