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H O M M E 。

H O M M E 。

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Wholesale Khaki Single Breasted Green Business Casual Men Wind Coat. #fashion #men #wind coat #mens outerwear

  • miriad

    This makes me think "Winchester Brothers" but almost everything does, so take that for what it's worth.

A quote taken from Steve Job's inspiring 2005 Stanford commencement speech.

300-Plus Gifts For the Geek in Your Life

#slimmen #outfit #menoutfit #men #mensfashion #menswear #fashion #style #slim #menstyle | San Fran T-Shirt Teal

My hubby loves stylish, yet crazy socks. ^_~

For rockin' his tunes.


happy gingham

A genius idea for apartment-dwelling bike commuters: a leather handle that makes it easier to haul your bike up and down stairs.

  • Oryctolagus habilis
    Oryctolagus habilis

    No matter where you hold your bike, you're still going to hit yourself in the shins or the forehead -- or both! ;)

  • Donna WILLIS, MD, MPH
    Donna WILLIS, MD, MPH

    What the photo reveals is more than a leather strap which id in the place of the cycle's center of gravity, but also aligning it with the body, and under one's arm. The other hand on the handlebars which tend to move. great photo filled with superb biomechanical advice! Thanks

  • Elizabeth LaRocca
    Elizabeth LaRocca

    Ha! That's exactly where I place my hand when I carry my bike upstairs and it's still a major problem, unless the bike was ten pounds.

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  • Jennifer Talsma-Kittredge
    Jennifer Talsma-Kittredge


  • Rashida Coleman-Hale
    Rashida Coleman-Hale

    Haha! You guys are crack me up're super boring. j/k ^_~

  • Lindsay Weingarth
    Lindsay Weingarth


  • Aeon G
    Aeon G

    I think this would be a good candidate for being removed from someones photo album in just 2 years time. The model will be glad his full face isnt showing ;)

  • Joan Herrmann
    Joan Herrmann

    Think this design would make a neat quilt pattern.

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  • Romeotees

    ♥ this tee

Geo-pastel power. Yes...there are pastels. My husband would rock the hell out of it. Deal with it. ^_~

Loyal Army Pastel Colorblock Tee - Urban Outfitters
  • Celiwe

    hahaha! You tell 'em!

  • Rashida Coleman-Hale
    Rashida Coleman-Hale

    @Celiwe ^_~

  • Jacki Ulferts
    Jacki Ulferts

    Perfect for my Michael!

Pacer Green - Green by Ripstyle

  • addi myler
    addi myler


  • Dayo Obanla
    Dayo Obanla


Converse Cons Cts Ox

Join JackThreads
  • Young Ho Kim
    Young Ho Kim

    wow sweet color!!

  • addi myler
    addi myler


MWM Graphics | Matt W. Moore

MWM Graphics | Matt W. Moore

The Fremont bike by Ziba

The Fremont Bike by Ziba
  • Judy Stone
    Judy Stone

    What a great bike!


colorful fixie by Pure Fix Cycles

  • Tracy Carroll
    Tracy Carroll


  • Paula Peleska
    Paula Peleska

    I just saw one of these today on campus but it was red, yellow & orange.

  • Abby Butler
    Abby Butler

    That's so cool, but is it like, a biker bike, like serious pro biking bike

  • Kathryn A. Gilchrist- Selvaggio
    Kathryn A. Gilchrist- Selvaggio

    I want one just like this one.

  • MyEcard

    pretty cool. I wanna one with white frame

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Rockport Keeron 2 Sneaker

Sleek watch

I have exclusive invites for, daily sales for modern design




  • Melanie Cunningham
    Melanie Cunningham

    I love my converse sneakers

  • Cyndy Slone Stohler
    Cyndy Slone Stohler

    Love Them!

  • Artsie Fartsie
    Artsie Fartsie

    love the blue one!! :D

  • Marten Viridis
    Marten Viridis

    love them!!!!

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love for my hubby.

Through Ian's Eyes

    love these!

  • Mary Abreu
    Mary Abreu

    Rashida Coleman-Hale, those look exactly like something your hip hubby would wear

  • Sam Cooke
    Sam Cooke

    I remember having a pink pair back in the 80's!

  • Andi Wall
    Andi Wall

    Me, too! I had pink. LOVED 'em!

  • Alya Tazkia
    Alya Tazkia

    How can i get this shoes? This is perfect


QLOCKTWO W Watch - Design Milk
  • Adi Rothem
    Adi Rothem


  • Elise Quackenbush
    Elise Quackenbush

    I would so buy this!

  • Melissa Milam
    Melissa Milam

    Perfect for my teenager!

  • Carol Koch
    Carol Koch


  • Alex Wong
    Alex Wong


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AV Room Portable USB Turntable / Crosley

  • Pauline Williams
    Pauline Williams

    Ha ha I had one of these!

  • Dawn Pilot
    Dawn Pilot

    OMG, I had one of these when I was a teenager. I'm so telling my age!

  • Rebecca Vogel
    Rebecca Vogel

    I got two turntables and a microphone........Lol

  • Cordara Newson
    Cordara Newson

    Got to have it!!

  • Verna Proud
    Verna Proud

    I wonder where mine went?

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