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    V.C. Breastfeeding
    Planning to Breastfeed - Beginning to Breastfeed - Troubleshooting - Pumping & Weaning - Special Situations
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    5 Rookie Mistakes that could have ruined our breastfeeding - Tips from a New Mom on the simple mistakes she made and how you can avoid them. #breastfeeding #parenting

    "I'm Tired of Lactivists" article helps the new mama prepare for a situation of low milk production

    5 causes and 6 nutritional steps to "Balance Hormones with Nutrition and Grow Healthy Hair."

    "Your Hair and Your Hormones; What is the Connection?" Helps to explain why I lost hair after childbirth.

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    End junk food for babies!

    A must read for parents wanting to feed their little ones real food!

    At Earth Mama, we believe that breastfeeding a baby is the consummate gift of a mother’s love. We think that the same loving generosity can be extended within the community of breastfeeding advocates. We hope The Support with Integrity Breastfeeding Pledge will remind us all to hold hands and stay focused on the common goal, offering generous loving support to breastfeeding supporters. Please sign the pledge and spread the word! XO Mama

    The organic cotton PumpEase hands-free pumping bra is a lifesaver for busy breastfeeding moms.