This is so me lol. I "roll my eyes out loud" all the time!

tiny bathroom is really tiny.

Well that's one way to utilize the space of a small know your stuck in a rut when you have to crawl into the toilet to close the door behind you.


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so let me get this straight...

You had one job, Pharmacist, just one job. its only funny because I work in pulmonary medicine !!!

Lose pounds in two months on this low-carbohydrate diet. This diet is not for everyone! With will power and discipline, you will lose weight fast by cutting carbs.

very poor framing. it looks like the light pole is coming right out of his shoulder!

Talk about yer awkward. It's another cornicopia of bad and funny family photos. 16 more silly family pics of weird portraits and strange moments of stupid things


My husband and I can't stop laughing. So funny Mr. Potato Head, so funny.

: )

Having a bad day? It could be worse. It could be a lot worse… Wet Paint Oh well.


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