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Gold bricks - to build my dog house with.

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Gold and black pearl ring with inset diamond accents

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Die hat sich aber ganz schön in Kette geschmissen

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Outfits and Looks, Ideas & Inspiration Necklace: X's series. Rita Rodner, necklace, geometric neckalce - Go to Source -

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Alexandra Mor Asscher-Cut Intense Aquamarine & Diamond Ring - A very Elegant Ring by tabu-sam

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Harry Potter Deathly Hollows Pocket Watch necklace,Golden Dial Pocket Watch necklace via Etsy

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This would be turquoise cuff heaven for me.Vintage Turquoise + Silver cuffs (from the & Old Town Scottsdale, AZ via

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Gold bricks - to build my dog house with.

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Beautiful Bodysuit by Lise Charmel Melodie du Plaisir

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David Benoliel — photography - David Benoliel is a fashion/beauty photographer from Paris, currently based between NYC and Miami.