XD Leather Bracer with Throwing Knives by OwlVsOctopus on Etsy *Knives only on under side and blended in as much as possible so as to go unnoticed

Hand forged knife from an old chainsaw

This knife by Christian Deminie was hand forged from an old chainsaw. The blade looks almost like a Damascus from the layers of links. It is just under wide and 1 deep. The is made of links from the chainsaw which are still connected to each

Guinea Hog Forge home of Bladesmith E. The pictured EMc Xtra was forged from 5160 tool steel, has a Japanese Ito wrap over rayskin, and the overall length

com All Purpose Fixed Blade Knife - Black Micarta - D2 Steel

Hand forged, Rebar Tanto Knife, By Mark Winburn Knives

Hand forged, Repurposed, Rebar Tanto Knife, By Mark Winburn Knives, Winburn Steel

FAOLAN Hand Forged CELTIC KNIFE Iron Age Replica Replicas Cutlery Knives This smithy is incredibly talented- beautiful reproductions, very reasonable prices

Hand Forged Stainless Steel Eating Cutlery Set - Knife, Fork, Spoon and Leather sheath.