Mandy Wong

Mandy Wong
Hi, I am Mandy. The chief editor of the IKeepHealthy. I share different home remedy methods to help people and write some Chinese recipes as well.
Mandy Wong
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Fired Toufu with Char Siu Sauce - I Keep Healthy Chinese Recipes

Drunk chicken legs

Chinses Angelica and Chinese wolfberry are regular Chinese herbal medicine in herbal cuisine. There are much benefit to eat herbal cuisine.

chinese lemon chicken

This Chinese lemon chicken is not a very traditional Chinese dish. It conbined Chinese and wester cooking methods.

steam egg with shrimp

Steam Egg with Shrimp (A new style) - I Keep Healthy Chinese Recipes

Char Siu-Chinese BBQ Pork

Char Siu is a very famous dish in GuangDong of south China. You can eat Char siu pork derectly or use it to cook other dish.


It's important to treat diarrhea quickly, whether you are a child or an adult. For how to stop diarrhea fast, we share 18 natural home remedies to help you.

fired shrimp

Fired Shrimp - I Keep Healthy Chinese Recipes

Spicy diced chicken with peanuts

Chinese Chicken Recipes - Spicy Diced Chicken with Peanuts (kung pao chicken)

Steamed Lotus Root Stuffed with Glutinous Rice

When the sweet scented osmanthus trees blossom, I always want to make this dish called steamed lotus root stuffed with glutinous rice.

Plain Boiled Chicken

When I am a child, my mother always cook steamed chicken.