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Learning Numbers 1-100.

FREE Educational E-Learning Videos, Flashcards & eBooks in English. Learning Material for Infants, Babies, Toddlers, Preschoolers & Kindergarten Kids. Teaching Children Short Stories, Nursery Rhymes, Numbers, Letters of the Alphabet, Color | Colours, Shape's, Animals & much more... We help develop an Imaginative & Creative Mind by Stimulating the child with Quality Educational Material.
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Learning to Count Numbers 1 to 10 for Kids. - YouTube

Learning to Count Numbers 1 to 10 for Kids.

Learning to count numbers 1 to 20. Cute Toddler creates twenty circle's out of play-dough & counts them after displaying them. The following activity will help toddlers, preschoolers & kindergarten children visualize while counting & help improve fine motor skills. Let your children choose what they would like to create, but let them know how many. This will increase engagement and help nurture decision making skills.

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Learning Numbers 1-10 for Children. A fun and engaging video narrated by a child, helping other children learn to recognize and count numbers 1-10. In this video our cute toddler uses Play-Doh to create small little red circles and counts them. In addition, we included Number Flashcards to help reinforce the learning experience.

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Numbers Song for Kids. A fun and engaging "Numbers Song for Kids" narrated by a child. Children will learn to recognize numbers 0-10. We created this Numbers Song for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten children to learn how to count numbers 0-10. Help your children learn how to count, recite the numbers with them until they become engaged and start to repeat after our cute narrator.

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Educational e-learning video to help kids learn how to count in English using numerical and alpha characters. Learning numbers will help kids build the basic fundamentals of math, and to learn how to solve math games and math problems.

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A fun & engaging Numbers video narrated by child to help children relate and maintain attention while learning. Intelligent Kids World - iKIDSWORLD - FREE educational e-learning videos, Flashcards & eBooks helping Toddlers, Babies, Preschoolers & Kindergarten kids learn English.

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Explore this interactive image: Video Flashcards: Learning Numbers 50-100 in English. Fun & engaging video helping toddlers & preschool children learn to count.

Flashcards: Numbers 50-100 in English. by ikidsworld