"Caution. Wet Floor." Very clever!

Don’t go out there swimming, you could get wet…

Someone put this out there before we started swim practice. Caution wet floor sign on boogey board in pool. Be careful, you might get wet .

21 Swimming Memes That Perfectly Describe Swimmers | http://www.yourswimlog.com/swimming-memes-perfectly-describe-swimmers/

21 Swimming Memes That Perfectly Describe Swimmers. Me whenever my coach says there's no morning practice XD it feels like a gift

True Story

Come to a morning practice and you will see proof! Morning practices start really early so we wake up at 4 😕

Sad, but true.

One day a father overheard his son pray "Dear God, make me the kind of man my daddy is." Later that night, the Father prayed, "Dear God, make me the kind of man my son want me to be.

Swimmers know all too well :)

Stops swimming for a week, showers every day and still smells like chlorine at the end of the week.

All the time.

It's like that for us swimmers too you know, but we never run.

The best and the worst kind of DQ.

I have a freind and I came to school sad that I got DQed at my meet and she is like "why us that bad, dairy Queen is awesome!