tiny house cost

In this article I explain why people are going tiny, the reason tiny homes are (unfairly) considered "too expensive," and my own tiny house cost breakdown.

Composting Toilet - What it is and Why You Need One - YouTube

Nature's Head self-contained composting toilet. Nature's Head makes older designs obsolete.

No. 1 - Tiny House Plan (Free PDF plan download) — THE small HOUSE CATALOG

No. 1: Moschata (US/Canada Version)

One of the first tiny house plans designed - and actually used - for full-time living. The Moschata tiny house on wheels is a comfortable 170 sq ft and designed for a trailer.

Nature's Head Composting Toilets

Nature's Head Composting Toilet, the latest design and best selling urine-diverting waterless toilet for off-grid applications.

Solar Panel Partners

The solar roof exists: SunTegra offers solar shingles and tiles