Take a break from the busy life to come home to nature. See how well Cambridge shingles combine with natural elements.
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White house with wooden balcony and green shingles on the roof Design, Nature, Inspiration, Home, Cambridge, Home Décor, Dream House, House, House Styles
Cambridge 43
Become one with nature with our 8 beautiful natural colours. The ultimate "nature feel" can be created with adding wooden details to your home. Explore our collection.
Standing between trees, a brown house with aged redwood shingles Nice, Heritage, Redwood, Natural Heritage, Roof, Haus, Take A
Cambridge 54
Take a look at this nice Aged Redwood (54) roof being one with nature.
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Natural Heritage
Choose your Roofing Shingles. Our laminated shingles are available in 8 beautiful natural colours, thanks to their coated granules. These colours blend seamlessly with natural surroundings.
House with green shingles Warm, Outdoor, Taupe, Warm Colors, Warm Colours
Cambridge Xtreme 43
You can easily combine our Amazin Green 43 shingles with warm colours as taupe, ocher yellow and all kinds of green.
Green Shingles
Cambridge Xtreme 43
Amazon Green 43. Your house or cottage will become one with nature with our beautiful natural green colour. Check it out here!