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Combining a three-dimensional steel matrix with inset panels of live moss to create a synthetic urban landscape: Moistscape, designed by Freecell.

Moistscape is designed by Freecell; a design and fabrication studio working on small scale building projects in New York. “Located in henry urbach gallery and served ‘as an opportunity to explore the play of the natural within the artificial’.

A treehouse for the 1% folks. Gotta love that huh? (gearsellers.com)

Tree Restaurant, Auckland, New Zealand Fantastic in every detail, the Yellow Tree House by Pacific Environment Architects embraces a 40 meter high redwood tree growing north of Auckland, New Zealand.

Surface pattern. Elijah Porter

Part of a series of studies proposing new architectural surfaces. This is a grid of nested hexagons with linework radiating from the center of each module. It was designed, drawn and fabricated digitally. The material is mdf milled with a CNC router.