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The Kyani Opportunity Kyani mission is to empower people globally to experience more in their lives: better health, more wealth, and a lot of fun. The Kyani products are natural, and they work together to achieve a synergistic effect of providing your body with an unrivaled source of vital nutrients.

The Kyani Opportunity

  • 3 Pins This compensation plan is based on building three teams or legs. Distributors may build as many legs as desired. You are rewarded as your CV, or commissionable volume in each of your teams increase. Unlike other compensation plans you are paid on all legs. There are no structural requirements within each leg. This pay plan uses a sponsorship and placement team. - The Kyäni Opportunity enables everyday folks to leverage themselves through multiple distribution channels known as multi-level marketing.

Kyani | How To Make Five Figures in 6 Months in Kyani