Queen Elizabeth II and her Leica

HRH Queen Elizabeth’s Leica

Why are Leica cameras any good? Um, because the Queen uses one. HRH Queen Elizabeth II and her Leica.


André Joyau - Vita 2 door media cabinet The company is based in Brooklyn, New York. Material: walnut, black steel Finish: natural, dark brown, ebonized Dimensions: W x D x H (customizable)

The Lens Bracelet - Wear your camera love on your sleeve. ($15.00, http://photojojo.com/store)

The Lens Bracelet

photojojo: “ The new pro Lens Bracelets look just like Canon and Nikon pro lenses … … so much so, your friends might think you took your lens apart!

Would die to play with this lovely kit <3 just love @Photojojo ♥s Photography

DIY Twin Lens Reflex Camera - Learn the magical mysteries of camera innards with this build-your-own-TLR kit!

It shouldn't be hard to find a place for this beauty :P

DIY: vintage camera lamp This is soooo cool. I must do this with my old cameras and slide pictures!

Perfectfor my future tv and goes well with my turntable <3

Shale 2 Drawer / 2 Door Dresser Solid wood and full grain leather pulls add storage panache and practicality to the bedroom, living room or dining room. Door units feature adjustable shelves and wire management holes.

<3 Why i'm broke!

Mini Hard Drive USB Drive

Mini Hard Disk flash drive LED Function while data transfers. I received mine today. Perfect gift for a computer geek!

My new fellow companion box, by Sigurd Larsen on Architizer Blog

Secret compartment box: All the Private Space You’ll Ever Need, In One Little Box

Niiiice :D

The Tattly Camera Tattoo Set

The Tattly Camera Tattoo Set - Decorate yourself in 12 camera-themed temporary tattoos.

I wouldn't complain if i could enjoy the new MacBook Pro's Retina display, ind this, laid-back, bad ass by Gustav Düsing Small :D

Here we go, a reinterpretation of what a table is or has to be. An elegant and simple form, the Spaceframe table by Gustav Düsing is eight or six or three (which is it?) frames interlocking to support a simple table. Courtesy of Gustav Düsing

Ideal for students

World's narrowest house will be less than 60 inches wide

Jakub Szczesny from Centrala has designed the world’s thinnest house in Warsaw, Poland. Keret House—named after Szczesny’s favorite Israeli writer and poet, Etgar Keret—will stretch 47 inches at its widest point and 27 inches at its narrowest.

Own a Piece of NYC's Past With a Chair Made of Old Water Towers

Own a Piece of NYC's Past With a Chair Made of Old Water Towers

Wanner go to the beach? :D

Pre-iPhone, you had to be a pretty hardcore photo geek to shoot photos at the beach. Myrtle Lind with a Graflex Camera, 1919