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I did not expect that

gif and osomatsu-san imageの画像


Artist [nokcy] let's us take a peek at a whole other side of the famous sextuplets. Osomastu-San has really grown in popularity this year - from their orig

Osomatsu & Choromatsu

That's almost like me and my BFF when we try to do something.

kaneki-e: “ How to pull off a magic trick by Master Saitama Illustrated by One Punch Man’s remake mangaka, Yusuke Murata (♢♢) ”

One Punch Man >> xD IoI genos everyone can do that xD


Leurs réaction quand ils voient se que met les fangirl sur eux.

おそ松さん Osomatsu-san SIX SAME FACES

おそ松さん Osomatsu-san SIX SAME FACES