Photography by Ilas Students

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a woman with blue eyes sitting in a chair wearing a gold choker and bracelet
Francesca De Rosa - The Final Dafne (Vol. II)
a shirtless man holding a basket full of fruit in front of his chest and shoulder
Alessandra De Marco - Bacco
Ispirazione e reinterpretazione del Bacco di Caravaggio
Yves, Yves Rocher
Sofia Tuberosa - YVES ROCHER
a woman sitting at a table with a glass of wine in front of her and looking off to the side
Ludovica De Falco - Shooting at Made in Cloister-2
Shooting in esterna con la modella Elizabeth Yadyhina
a woman standing in front of a concrete wall and holding an umbrella over her head
Giovanni Iorio - Balloon Girl
reinterpretazione in chiave stilistica dell´opera di bansky "Balloon Girl"
a black and white photo of a bottle
Lucia Anastasio - Shaker
a woman sitting on top of a chair holding a handbag in her right hand
Francesca Maria Damiano - Campagna pubblicitaria per Deerword
Una serie di scatti per Deerword per pubblicizzare un modello di borsa
a black and white photo of a woman with makeup
Flavia Monti - Shooting Natalia Kalinowska
a red and black handbag sitting on top of a table
Jessica Ranieri - Compositing borsa Primadonna
a bottle of russian cologne on a black background with a white tag hanging from it
Giovanni Iorio - Trasparenze fondo nero
a woman with long black hair is posing for the camera and holding her hand to her face
Francesco Larizza - Simple portrait
a close up of a woman with her eyes closed and one eye opened to the side
Martina Razzano - Ritratto beauty
Shooting con la modella Anna Bihas
a glass of wine next to a corkscrew
Giovanni Iorio - Novello
a strange looking object with a lemon on top of it's head, in front of a blue background
Luciana Ianniello - Alessi
a woman holding a red purse over her face
Emilia De Feo - Bag shooting