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Have a child with autism? This is a wonderful gift. Autism Caterpillars are used by schools and other agencies who teach children with Autism. These simple, soft, and darling caterpillars are weighted down with beans and have a sweet, soothing effect on an autistic child. This new project will involve a little pouring, a little stitching, a little assembly and lots of love. #caterpillar #Autism #toy #sensory #service #womensconference

Using sequencing with If You Give a Mous a Cookie and other circle stories

Receptive Language Worksheets -Select Item by Class, great printables for increasing receptive language skills, good for students with autism and special needs.

Personalized Money Clip Gift from Daughter by DistinctlyIvy

Create this Cat in the Shoe craft inspired by Eric Litwin & James Dean's picture book: Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes. Craft Template available at

Yes/ No Questions- Autism Worksheets This is a great activity to target basic yes/no questions, good for students with autism and special needs. For more special ed resources follow

Love black jumpsuits!

First day of school activity: toss a ball with questions for a getting to know you activity

Hems and Haws: Master Bath of My Dreams

Cool way to teach sequencing by making a "fake peanut butter and jelly" sandwich :) Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources SOS Inc. Resources.

swiss ball workout to strengthen your core and tighten your abs and reduce your lower back pain

45 Ideas For Classroom Friendly Fidget Toys - Free download! from ...and one more idea I got from a client, put velcro on the underside of school desks. They can play with it or attach different objects to it. Just have to have a no ripping it off during class rule. ;)

Striped Yarn Wreath Charcoal and Cream

LoL!!! (will need to build a bigger prison!!!) Will be doing this for my students when they can't leave their phone/ipods alone!

A PERFECT addition to any speech therapy room! Not only does this product add a beautiful bulletin board to your room or office, it also doubles as a strategy-based intervention for your students.