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How cool is this bookcase door?!

Secret door to hidden room! Teal blue walls and arched secret door opens to hidden room. Faux bookcase opens to secret room.

Bookcase kid is cool. Photo by Stephanie Rausser

This is awesome! We used to make nooks like this in our bedroom closets when we were kids. A perfect place to daydream. The video-game playing kids of today are really missing out!

Upcycling a ladder into a corner bookshelf sjweir48

Unique Ladder Bookcase Creative And Cool Bookshelves Furniture Set Idea House Design Using book and bookcase as room decoration ideas Interior Design


Whether it's for a kid's or grown up room, this tree book shelf is sure to bring charm! Tree Bookshelf by Korea designer Shawn Soh

Awesome. Suitcase bookshelf?

20 DIY Vintage Suitcase Decorating Ideas to create. Vintage suitcases - for accessorizing a room, extra storage or repurposed into a piece of furniture

Bookshelf Inspired Dreams by Dripta Design Studio - Bookshelf is an imagination of Dripta Studio Design inspired by the ability of each design to be made ?about fun and imagination. Bookcases dream i

bookshelf-staircase awesomeness

The antler chandelier in the lobby and the book-lined walls add to the homey feel of Gild Hall.


A Fresh Indoor Design Idea: Round Window Bookcase all designed by Fabio Galeazzo, as part of a colorful “Urban Cabin” in Sao Paoplo, Brazil.

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