ılgım şimşek

ılgım şimşek

ılgım şimşek
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small sun tattoo - Google Search

Metallic Gold Tribal Sun Temporary Tattoo - Amazing design for all your days under the sun! Pin now for a special outing!

Poetic Ocean Watercolor Painting

Portland, Oregon-based artist Evelyn Kritler communicates the tranquillity of the depths of the ocean through her simple, elegant watercolor paintings. In each of her ongoing series, respectively titled Waves and Whales, the artist expands upon her enchan

DIY Reversible Shift Dress - FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Free Sewing Pattern: Reversible V-neck and Crewneck Shift Dress Free sewing pattern - reversible shift dress. The dress can be worn 2 ways: pleated crewneck or v-neck!