Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County, Inc.

Here is a variety of pictures from past and current rescues, animals we have taken in and cared for and just the daily happenings at our Rescue facility.
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a white horse is running in the grass at night with clouds and blue sky behind it
And he said, Thus saith the Lord.
"EL SHADDAI, THE ALL SUFFICIENT ONE": And he said, Thus saith the Lord.
a horse that is standing in the grass
This Picture was taken August of 2013. The owner of this horse has slipped through the system and has gotten away with murder. Until something changes with the legal system owners of animals such as the one pictured here simply walk away with MAYBE a fine and a not so firm slap on the hand.
the little book of horse quotes
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the original u s v horse is labeled in black and white, with information about its parts
Classic Equine Equipment
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a man riding on the back of a horse over a wooden rail with a sunset in the background
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a man standing next to a white horse with a quote on it that says, three choices in life give up, give in, or give it all you've got
Amen! #life #quote #horse Model - Simone Tiplady Aspire Performance Horses Horse Model - Almontasir Desert Starr (Purebred Arabian Gelding)
a horse is standing in the snow by a fence with its head over it's gate
Love this! #horses #love
a brown and white horse standing next to a metal fence in a barn with hay
Fantastic was rescued April 2013, you can see she is underweight.
a brown horse standing next to a metal fence with a red bucket in it's mouth
April 2013- This is Fantastic. She was left on the streets starving.
a black and white photo with the quote,'continuous effort not strength or intiliience - is the key to unlock our potential '
Continuous Effort,..