Disney Frozen Ombre Rice Krispie Treats - The only way this could be trendier is if they'd decorated it with chevron somehow.

Disney Frozen Ombre Rice Krispie Treats

Disney Frozen Ombre Rice Krispie Treats - we made these beautiful Ombre Rice Krispie Treats for our Disney Frozen Birthday Party. They were a big hit and would be pretty in any color combination or for any special occasion or party. For more amazing Froze

"Stop playing with your food and eat your baby Jesus in a blanket!"

Nativity Lunch: Okay kiddos.it's time to eat Baby Jesus!We call those Pig-in-a-Blanket! Pretzel rod stable, potato sticks straw, hot dog Baby Jesus in crescent roll swaddling clothes, star fruit star!

All I can think is tetanus. And paint chips. And tetanus.

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You, ah...you seem to have forgotten something there, GQ...

SEXISM - spot the difference I find it funny LANA is naked on the cover because she said she doesn't need feminism

For those looking to be trashy on multiple levels...

Pros: Sneak in your favorite wine and have bigger boobs. Cons: Warm wine and decreasing boob size.

If I see you wearing these, I will smack you in the face with a fly swatter.

10 Strangest Eyelash Extensions - diamond eyelashes, eyelash extensions, paper eyelashes

This is just TOO weird if you ask me! Who would want dead flies for eyelashes! Artist Jessica Harrison takes dead flies legs and attaches them onto the eye for what she aptly called ‘flylashes.

Yup. Pretty much just your average road trip with the fam. And the evil clown.

With titles like My First Little Boob Job and Daddy Hopes He Has Enough Rope in the Trunk, these incredibly warped children’s books dreamed up by illustrator Bob Staake aren’t for sensi…

Coffee Sugar Scrub Recipe : Why would I rub this on my skin when I could just eat it?

Coffee Sugar Scrub

I can't even figure put what is the weirdest part of this ornament.

Thirteen Oddest, Funniest And Strangest Holiday Ornaments

Not blown glass, but I think I could use a Merbro on my tree. - Thirteen Oddest, Funniest And Strangest Holiday Ornaments

"Even Stevie can fumble his way around a joystick!"   This is THE WORST.

Dumbest Ad I have ever seen. Vintage Ad: Stevie Wonder in an Atari video game ad from the early via

Oh, Hey!  Welcome to the party--WHAAAAAAAAT!?!  OH GOD WHYYY???

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