Mooie plek voor beer als ze er te groot voor zijn.

Quarto de bebê clássico e elegante - Constance Zahn

Put an old stuffed animal in a frame—What a fun way to preserve a childhood favorite! Site is in Portuguese, but it shows some cute ideas for shadow boxes and pictures using stuffed animals.


This sideboard was inspired by a boxing ring

Stuffed animal storage: Chilean designer Emmanuel Gonzalez Guzman, has designed and made Cuerda (in English it translates to rope or string), a wooden sideboard that was inspired by the ropes of a boxing ring.

This is as easy to build as it looks. Cut and treat your wooden board. Attach the horizontal piece to the vertical using glue and screws. Screw it to your wall.

Inspiration for Master Bedroom nightstands :: Wall Mounted Wooden Nightstand with built-in side lamp (that I would direct up instead to avoid eye glare) & little shelf . could even have a couple of shelves :)

O arranjo de espelhos composto por doze plaquinhas, com 20 cm de diâmetro, ganhou espaço acima do aparador (cada jogo com quarto do modelo Fractal Slim, da Tok & Stok, sai por R$ 29,90).

Mirrors giving a contemporary modern look to the the wall with table and plant providing an extra element to the contemporary look

Simplesmente surpreendente!

DIY Icy Flower Bowl DIY Projects, not exactly sure what you would use this for but it's pretty

Muy buena lampara! Se puede hacer con tacos de pallet  Curiosa lámpara de escritorio /

I would want to put a softer light in this - like a fake candle flame bulb

Mesa de cabeceira feita com uma gaveta

Mesa de cabeceira feita com uma gaveta