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The Incredible Folding Boat - Foldable, safe, stable, lightweight and practical.   On the river, lake, or in the sea.   Seats 2 to 3 adults. Max Weight Capacity is 450 lbs.   Handles an electric or gas motor up to 2 HP.   Sets up in less than two minutes, no tools needed.   East to store.   Comes with a 5 year warranty.   Choice of accessories such as a transport bag, ATV, and RV supports.

The Incredible Folding Boat - Foldable, safe, stable, lightweight and practical…

Seahopper  This sequence of four pictures shows the transformation from folded to ready for the water. Starting off at 5" wide, the first unfold reveals the external bouyancy tube/fenders, which though deflated, can remain attached. (I added two additional webbing straps, making 5 per side).  The third picture shows the stern and bow plates holding the main gunwales apart. (Notice the 2 mast step positions in this shot, allowing the dinghy to be balanced with main and jib, or mainsail only.)

I made my metre Seahopper folding dinghy from a kit of parts. Although she looks like a normal small pram dinghy when assembled, she folds down to a package only thick.

The Fliptail 6 and 7 foot collapsible dinghies.

What makes the Fliptail special?

Building the Micro Folding Dinghy

Build your own folding dinghy.sounds like an amazing project that I would…