I Love Black People

I Love Black People

United States  ·  Hello World! Our page is for black people who believe in freedom of speech and expression. if you want to have fun, learn and enjoy, come on in!
I Love Black People
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This shows an image of the water fountains for both white people and coloured people. The whites water fountain looks clean and bigger and like a proper fountain where as the coloured fountain is smaller and looks like a simple tap.

Remembering Emmett Till: The Horror of Lynching in America Emmett Louis Till (July 1941 – Aug. Emmett Till was

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This image provided by Marcus Johnson Sr. shows Marcus Johnson Jr.'s funeral pamphlet.

New York Jets fight: St Patrick’s Day brawl caught on video mars celebrations in New York City

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Tallahassee -- A small group of activists is speaking out in support of Florida State University Strozier Library shooter Myron May.

Rape allegations double standard: Liberal elites turn on Bill Cosby, but not Bill Clinton.

If Al Sharpton's Race Wars Fizzle, He Can Always Make Millions Accusing Bill Cosby of Sex Harassment

Keeping Black Girls Off the Path to Prison On Thursday, leaders on Capitol Hill discussed how too often, black women and girls aren’t as valued as black men and boys.

Farrakhan on Ferguson: “Let’s die for something”