Give it for Aunt Cass for making such a strong and very important point.

Let’s Hear it For Aunt Cass, Summing up the Plight of Parenting in 43 Seconds! I'm going to be aunt cass to all of my children and my friends' children


Repunzel and Flynn/Eugene. My Disney OTP //I just LOVE Eugene's character development. so cute!

Winnie-the-Pooh - Friendship

15 Inspirational Quotes To Get You Through The Week

I'll always be with you! How utterly beautiful ❤️❤️ Pooh Bear is my favorite ! Made mom and dad still call me 'Pooh Bear'

Oh, I never realized it was designed after Iz and his wife. That makes it even sweeter.

Say it louder for the people in the back! Stop trying to twist everything! It's because of people who get all pissy over every little thing about boy and girl umbrellas and volcanos why we can't have nice things!

Disney's "Weird Period" Explained

Disney's "Weird Period" Explained<< That really explains everything. I love these movies!

Edna mode life coach<<< it left out a bit, "You'll show him you remember he's Mr. Incredible, and you will REMIND him who YOU ARE!" "Go, confront the problem!

big hero 6 | Tumblr He's wearing her glasses and she's wearing his and and it's just so flippen sad!


Tadahoney is the name of the ship between Tadashi and Honey Lemon.

Just a reminder that Disney actually did this. | I never saw this before, I'M DYING

Tangled: "Smolder" By Flynn. I had no idea this was an actual video the Disney Animators made! This is hilarious!