Asking a bookworm to name their favorite book is like asking a mother to pick a favorite child. This is so true it's not even funny.

Create book-related quote board

Motivation wall — Put post-its on a wall in your room and share motivation with your roommate or write fun stuff for guests to read when they visit. Have a stack of post-its handy for people to write their own.

My favorite book of all time

My fav book as a kid. still have my copy for B and recently purchased "another monster at the end of this book" that has Elmo as well. The Monster at the End of this Book by Jon Stone, Michael Smollin

What to read after Divergent. Huge list of awesome YA reads.

100+ Books for Divergent Fans

books you'll wish would never end

21 Books You Wish Would Never End, So You Could Read Them Forever

Gone girl gone! I wish this book didn't have to end!

Pinner says:"Gone Girl - Loved this. If you like this try Defending Jacob too. Both mysteries with endings I could not predict." Definitely on my wany to read list.

Loved them! Can't wait for the movie

The Hunger Games series - The Hunger Games, Catching Fire & Mockingjay.these are awesome awesome books. Cant wait til march for the movie!

if only -read!

Quote - 'Why can't I just read all day, everyday?' A wonderful quote about reading, wish I could!

A website that encourages literacy in boys.

Monkey Truck (Christy Ottaviano Books) by Michael Slack.

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