Megan Youngblood

Megan Youngblood

I love birthdays, and I love parties, so of course I love birthday parties!
Megan Youngblood
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2 Hamsters 1 Wheel. when you need a really good laugh!!! Worth the 56 seconds.

this is seriously the funniest thing you will ever watch. take the 57 seconds to watch it, you won't regret it. I never laugh at funny videos but I could not stop laughing at this on!

If guys were like girls...

If guys were like girls. Absolutely adore this video. Funny to see how guys think girls are. Especially cuz some of it is spot on. I love how guys think it's funny that girls go to the bathroom in flocks. This is honestly hysterical. NAILED IT!

tom hardy.

So i didnt know THIS was Tom Hardy. everyone swoons over Tom Hardy, so i was never interested in finding out who it actually was. But this guy , i like his stuff, ive seen his acting and its pretty good in my book. So i guess i like Tom Hardy too .

One of the finer things in life #baseballpants #baseballswag

One of the finer things in life