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Anime picture with original hina (xoxo) long hair single tall image blonde hair sitting pink eyes light smile girl bow flower (flowers) plant (plants) animal book (books) rose (roses) cat headdress witch hat bottle

Celestia Ludenberg (Danganronpa)

Great anime/ecchi pictures and arts. / The best jokes (comics and images) about anime pictures, rating - anime)

Rp? I'm her be any gender)) It was a peaceful midnight. Everyone was sleeping, enjoying the soft rock of the ship, until we crashed. Our ship slammed right into a giant rock. Holes in the side, the boat began to flood. I ran down the halls as fast as I could, pulling you with me. Suddenly, the wall bursts open, a flood of water flowing in at neck level. I see you crying and struggling in panic, and gently grab your hand, offering a kind smile. "It's going to be ok!" I yell over the chaos…

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