chandelier + disco

fabulous disco ball/chandelier, via sonryo. Can even make the disco ball with cd's, a poly ball, and a small motor to rotate it wired into the chandelier mains chord.

The Queen's colour-chart: Why blue is Her Majesty's favourite colour. . . and why she doesn't like beige

Revealed: Why blue is the Queen's favourite colour... and why she doesn't like beige

Vogue Chart - The Rainbow Queen - Her Majesty's Favourite Outfit Colours (Queen Elizabeth II)


purple,purple & purple girly bedroom - love it! Victorian Circus Wallpaper sinks French Lilac- Art Print From Original Oil Pa.

leica hermès M9 special edition camera,  best of both worlds...  <3

leica hermes camera Luxurious Hermès Leica P Special Edition Camera

stripes in the back

Paso Fino Sandals- for those of us who want cute shoes but can't wear heels without killing our feet.

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