Thunderstorms & Clouds

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Tornado at Rome, GA March 2012

Chaiten Volcano Still Active

I wanted to show you how I have already lost 24 pounds from a new natural weight loss product and want others to benefit aswell. - tornado and lightning in Rome Ga. tornado and lightning in Rome Ga.

Lightning strike over water

~ Lightning Bolt - striking water & if that's a boat under it; all I can say is 'I'm glad I'm not in that boat! name unknown) * * * The Natural World-Thunderbird and Lightning


So much Mother Nature happening at one time. An impressive storm cloud in Taber, Alberta, Canada from 2011 is captured in this stitched vertical panorama - photo by Pat Kavanagh

moon sliver

Crescent Moon over River Church.beautiful night scene with also the stars. THAT moon.


A ghostly white tornado snakes it's way out of a storm threatening Emmetsburg Iowa on June

Electric Eel by Nico Nordström, via Flickr

I love this photo with the dark clouds in front of the bright lightening forks hitting the water. The stormy weather links to my theme for photography unit


Heaven's Hammer: A monster tornado unleashes its wrath across Alvo, Nebraska…

Shooting star...

It was a crystal clear night sky and the moon shone brightly while the stars brilliantly twinkled, some even dancing across the sky—perhaps one of the most beautiful night skies he had ever seen.