how to draw! My boy is crazy about this!

This is a fun step-by-step cartoon animal drawing tutorial--great for kids who like to draw!

Printable Christmas Tags for Colouring.

free printable Christmas tags to color. Wonderful site with lots of interesting templets, not just for Christmas. Bookmarks, to do list, different tags, lables. You will enjoy this site

Lots of templates for boxes, envelopes, etc.

A free template, pattern and tips for craft and every party decoration, card, invitation, box or party hat to start you off with My Polka Dot Maker's printable polka dot paper templates.

Free Christmas Printables

FREE Holiday Printables Galore~ Printables to go in frames, on presents, on tables, crafts, etc. Lots of good stuff!

just chic: funky scrap bag

Once you discover how to make purses using old jeans, you'll never get rid of an ill-fitting pair again. In fact, these 6 Old Jeans Purse Patterns are so unique and creative, you might end up using pairs that still fit.