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The phone as a means of communication lost its initial function many years ago. The inception of the change in the way phones are used started in the

mind readers (andrew rich)

Mid century outer space age sci-fi themed belated birthday greeting featuring two boys wearing funny homemade helmets - From us, "We're sorry we spaced out about your birthday.

Bubbles!!!! This is how my sisters and brothers did our bubbles.  We would get soap all over the floor but it was FUN FUN FUN!!!! :)

RasMarley Mili, Gjon - 1941 Girl Blowing Soap Bubbles Gjon Mili (November 1904 – February was an Albanian-American photographer best known for his work published in LIFE which he photographed artists such as Pablo Picasso .

At the Dog Races By Emil Heilborn. Emil Heilborn was a commercial photographer whose clients, the captains of Swedish industry between the two world wars of the hired him to recount that.